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Corps Design - Field Prop Special!

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Beat the August Rush!

Don't miss this Field Prop Special from Corps Design, now through May 15th! Buy 10, Get One FREE! This includes Stage BoxesMedia FramesSideline Screens, and Media Towers!

Corps Design Props are all about flexibility. Each prop is engineered to withstand the most extreme marching and concert schedules. All Corps Design props offer multiple configurations for your constantly changing needs.    

Select Items Include:


STAGE BOXES - The Corps Design Portable Stage Box is a fast and portable way to add layers and levels to your field presentation. All boxes feature a large 4’ x 4’ platform. The casters and feet are built entirely within each box so that each section butts flush with the next section. Each box has 2 casters and uses the never-failing gravity system as a brake. They are light enough to be moved by one person and braced so that the person moving it will not wreck their shins!


MEDIA FRAMES - The Corps Design Adjustable Media Frame is designed to move and display all of your prop flats. This frame infinitely adjusts to easily display flats and backdrops from 4' x 6' to 10' x 10'. The height and width are secured with 2 bolts at each adjustment point resulting in a super-stable display that can hold backdrops or even heavier flats. The caster legs telescope to give a 3.5' to 6' base for extra stability with large displays that may catch a lot of wind. This media frame includes 2 locking swivel casters, 2 swivel casters and 2 expansion sleeves for props up to 10' x 10'.


SIDELINE SCREENS - Corps Design Sideline Screens really clean up your show and are a great way to add show concept graphics that can also conveniently hide your guard equipment changes. For sideline screen sizes, we've done the math: 2, 7.5' screens per 5 yard span, or 3, 10' screens per 10 yard span. The screens fold to store in 2"" width and the legs pop out together for a smooth 15° tilt. They weigh from 35 to 50 pounds depending on size and have enough weight to resist light wind yet still be manageable by students.

MEDIA TOWERS - Corps Design Media towers are a four-sided display, each side with a 4'(w) x 10'(h) display area and a total height of 10'9". All 4 swivel casters are hidden entirely within the prop. The base can be counter-weighted if necessary. Assembly is 2 - 4'x10' panels that drop into a bases and connect with cross bars. Easy to move and very stable, but not for climbing!