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GVIDO - The Worlds’ First Dual Screen Digital Music Score Device is Now Available for Order!

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Have you heard of the GVIDO?

It’s the world’s first dual-screen digital music score device.

The GVIDO was designed from scratch for musicians of any level. It can store thousands of music scores and is only 0.25 inches thick when folded. GVIDO uses PDF files as its source medium which makes it instantly compatible with the most widely available music score format. The GVIDO Stylus Pen can be used to write comments and music annotations on the music score which can be shared through a cloud-based service with other GVIDO device users.

Just like paper, GVIDO's non-glass screen surface suppresses reflected light even under strong lighting or under direct sunlight. The pages do not turn over with the wind like a paper music score, so it is also ideal for using outdoors.

Three infrared touch switches are equipped for easy page turning. You can also assign page feed or page return to each touch switch for easy use. You can turn pages and call your set list even when playing a musical instrument with both hands by using an optional GVIDO Foot Switch.

With its own battery management and the low power consumption effect of electronic paper, GVIDO has a long battery life of 3 days on just 3 hours charging. You can focus on the performance without worrying about the remaining battery power.

GVIDO was named as a mark of respect to Guido d’Arezzo, who devised the foundations of musical notation in the early 11th century.

GVIDO Foot Switch

GVIDO Stylus Pen

Product Videos

Check out more about the GVIDO in the videos below, or CLICK HERE to order today!

Introducing GVIDO - Digital Music Score Device

GVIDO Digital Music Score