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Roland Piano Partner 2 is Now Available!

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Roland Piano Partner 2 is now available on your iPhone & iPad!
Find it FREE at the Apple App Store!

Additionally, for those who have Piano Partner 2 on your iPad, an Update of the app is required that fixes known Bluetooth bug issues and adds additional app improvements.


The Piano Partner 2 app provides a friendly, interactive way to help you learn and enjoy music on your Roland Digital Piano. It works with iPhone and iPad as well as Android tablets, and contains four different tools. Songs and DigiScore Lite show the piano’s internal music collection on the mobile device’s display, while Rhythm and Flash Card allow you to build skills with intelligent accompaniment and engaging music exercises. To use Piano Partner 2, you connect your device and a compatible Roland piano wirelessly via Bluetooth, or wired with a USB cable. Piano Partner 2 is available for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Songs—Easy Access to Your Piano’s Onboard Song Library

Roland’s latest LX and HP pianos offer more than 300 onboard songs, including popular classical pieces. The Songs tool in Piano Partner 2 enables you to access your piano’s entire built-in library by category on the mobile device’s display. You have full control of a selected song from the app, including start/stop, part muting, and metronome on/off, offering great convenience for daily practicing and listening.

DigiScore Lite—Display Music Notation for the Onboard Songs

DigiScore Lite displays digital sheet music for the onboard songs right on your mobile device,and pages are even turned automatically as the song plays. You can practice each hand individually by muting the left-hand or right-hand part, and freely adjust the tempo as needed. It’s also possible to control the sound and keyboard mode of the piano directly from the app.

*DigiScore Lite is only available for the piano’s built-in songs. It does not display notation for 
original piano recordings or other SMF files.

Rhythm—Accompaniment That Follows the Chords You Play
Piano Partner 2’s Rhythm function provides a fun way to develop your sense of timing and groove as you play along with various music styles like pop, jazz, blues, and others. It offers accompaniment that automatically follows your chords, giving you the exciting experience of playing with a full band sound.

*With Android tablets, the Rhythm function is only available when the tablet is connected to the piano via a USB cable.

Controller—Select Tones and Keyboard Modes from Your Mobile Device
In the Songs, DigiScore Lite, and Rhythm pages, you can control piano functions directly from the Piano Partner 2 app. You’re able to select different tones as you play, and easily set the keyboard mode to whole, split, or dual on the mobile device’s display.

Flash Card—A Fun Way to Develop Basic Musical Skills
Flash Card is an interactive music game for developing listening and reading skills. The player is challenged to play a note that’s shown on the mobile device or sounded from the piano. In each session, the player is awarded after five challenges. Three levels of difficulty are available to suit all skill levels.