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Digital Pianos


The benefits of a digital piano and choosing the right one.

Unlike a traditional piano, the digital variety never needs tuning, the volume is adjustable and it won’t take up half your living room. In fact, because it’s so lightweight, a digital piano can easily be moved around your house.

You can also do a lot more cool stuff with a digital piano, starting with the always-appreciated headphone feature. You can record what you’re playing on the instrument itself. Or, choose one with a USB and/or CD drive to record your music and play downloaded songs from the web. If your computer has midi capabilities, connect it to your digital piano and enjoy making music in a whole new way.


Digital Piano vs. Portable Keyboard
Studies show that children practicing on a portable keyboard progress more slowly than those using an acoustic or high-quality digital piano. And because routine practice is the foundational development of any skill, it’s really important to equip children for success by making sure they have a solid learning instrument.

Playing the piano should be exciting and fun for students, but it’s hard to get jazzed about playing a toy piano. Having a digital piano for at-home practice helps your child achieve their full potential – and enjoy a rewarding musical experience that will last their lifetime.

Digital Piano Options

Many options from these popular brands!
Roland Digital Pianos    Yamaha Digital Pianos    
Casio Digital Pianos   Korg Digital Pianos   Alesis Digital Pianos


The digital piano and your bottom line.

Because they’re so reasonably priced, a digital piano is much easier on the wallet than a traditional one. And thanks to Romeo Music, you can choose to rent your digital piano for as little as $50/month. As you and your family begin piano lessons, this helps minimize your initial investment (and builds confidence that purchasing the piano will be right for you). Here’s how our innovative Rent to Purchase plan works:

  • Rent a quality digital piano for about the same cost as a quickly-outgrown keyboard
  • After a three-month commitment, you may buy the keyboard and get 100% rental-fee credit toward its purchase*

*After the first 3 months’ rental, you may continue renting month to month for up to 6 months.


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