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Our Experience Improves YOUR Experience

Our highly-skilled consultants regularly speak at national conventions, conduct staff development seminars, and hold in-store meetings to address specialized topics.

Call to schedule one of our presenters now. We’ll discuss what you need, then connect you with a top-notch music education and technology pro (or two) for your upcoming:

  • Technology sessions at state/national conventions
  • Hands-on training sessions
  • Group software/hardware consultations
  • Professional staff development workshops

Trainings and Workshops

No Upcoming Events

Contact Rebecca for more information.

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Upcoming Conventions and Professional Development

January 11-14 - Florida Music Education Association
- Tampa, FL

January 15-17- Wyoming Music Educators Association
- Cody, WY

January 18-21 - Oklahoma Music Educators Association
- Tulsa, OK

January 19-22 - Winter NAMM
- Anaheim, CA

January 25-28 - Missouri Music Educators Association
- Osage Beach, MO

January 25-28 - Colorado Music Educators Association
- Colorado Springs, CO

January 26-28 - Georgia Music Educators Association
- Athen, GA

February 8-11 - Texas Music Educators Association
- San Antonio, TX

March 14-18 - SHAPE Boston
- Boston, MA

April 5-8 - Tennessee Music Education Association
- Nashville, TN

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