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Our Experience Improves YOUR Experience

Our highly-skilled consultants regularly speak at national conventions, conduct staff development seminars, and hold in-store meetings to address specialized topics.

Call to schedule one of our presenters now. We’ll discuss what you need, then connect you with a top-notch music education and technology pro (or two) for your upcoming:

  • Technology sessions at state/national conventions
  • Hands-on training sessions
  • Group software/hardware consultations
  • Professional staff development workshops

Trainings and Workshops

Summer Technology Training with Romeo Music

Classes are over for the summer! Make sure you are on our email list to receive up to date training information!

Email Rebecca for more information

Upcoming Conventions and Professional Development

January 8-11 - JEN Conference in Dallas, TX

January 8-11 - FMEA Conference in Tampa, FL

January 17-18 - Texas Bandmasters Training

January 19-21 - WMEA Conference in Laramie, WY

January 22-25 - MMEA Conference in Osage Beach, MO

January 23-25 - CMEA Conference in Colorado Springs, CO

January 30 - February 1 - GMEA Conference in Savannah, GA

January 30 - February 2 - TETA Conference in Dallas, TX

February 5-7 - TCEA Conference in Austin, TX

February 13-16 - TMEA Conference in San Antonio, TX

March 19-22 - SWACDA Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas

April 1-5 - AAHPERD Conference in St. Louis, MO

April 9-12 - TNMEA Conference in Memphis, TN

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