Noteflight Learn - Online Music Learning Community for Teachers and Students


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Noteflight Learn - Online Music Learning Community for Teachers and Students

Compose, record, assess, and share music with students on any device

Noteflight Learn provides a private, COPPA-compliant website designed specifically for music education. All teachers and students have Noteflight Premium composition features plus the ability to organize classes, easily create assignments, get performance feedback and ratings with SoundCheck™, powered by MatchMySound, and use the included library of thousands of popular musical scores and lessons. Every user can access their Noteflight account from any computer or device, including Chromebooks, iPads, and smartphones. Noteflight Learn also directly integrates with Google Classroom as well as other popular Learning Management Systems via the LTI standard.


  • Noteflight Premium composition features for every user, accessible on any device
  • A private, COPPA-compliant website for secure communication and collaboration
  • Unlimited groups for organizing classes and ensembles
  • Easy assignment creation that integrates with your own learning management system
  • Perform mode for listening to and performing along with selected parts of a score
  • Live audio recording for Mac, PC, and Chromebooks
  • SoundCheck performance assessment and feedback directly integrated
  • Hundreds of included lessons and thousands of popular published scores from Hal Leonard
  • Direct integration with Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and other popular learning management systems

Teaching with Noteflight Learn

With Noteflight Learn, students can compose music, record live audio into scores, and get automatic performance assessment, making it the ideal platform for teaching composition and theory as well as for performance assessment and feedback. The customizable score editor is easy enough for beginners yet sophisticated enough for professional use. Any score can instantly become an assignment with a unique copy automatically created for each student, which also works seamlessly with Google Classroom and other learning management systems. Noteflight Learn also provides an extensive library of musical scores and lessons to create and adapt assignments for your students!

Create and Compose

Every teacher and student has access to full music notation and editing features on any device. Compose and arrange your own music, or adapt one of the many included content library scores. You may also import MusicXML from another notation program or use MIDI files to create scores.

Edit and Adapt

Noteflight Learn includes hundreds of musical scores and lessons for every user. In addition, there are optional content libraries from Hal Leonard and other publishers, allowing teachers and students to access digital scores of the most popular repertoire for Band, Choir, Orchestra, Piano, Guitar and Pop Ensemble. These digital scores can be used and adapted for play-along, recorded assessments, score study, composition assignments, and more!

Perform and Record

For any piece of music in Noteflight, students can listen to, play, record, or get performance assessment with SoundCheck. Both Noteflight and SoundCheck scores allow students to easily view the full score or a selection of parts. The tempo and key of every score are adjustable, so students can learn music at their own pace and in various key signatures. Teachers can easily assign individual performance exercises and provide feedback on student recordings directly in a score.

Respond and Connect

Noteflight Learn makes feedback and assessment easy with discussion forums, score comments, and annotations, allowing students and teachers to have an ongoing dialogue. Teachers can review an individual student's assignment and listen to their performance recording to provide meaningful feedback. Musical content is at the center of all discussions, providing opportunities for deeper understanding of musical ideas and works. As an educator, you can always view each student's account at any time to monitor and assess progress.