Digital Piano Rental Program
Rent a Digital Piano for as little as $50/month
Romeo Music has several different full, 88-key digital pianos to choose from for your rental. You can rent the one you think will look best in your living room, the one your teacher recommends, or the one you think most suits the students’ needs and desires.
Studies show that students who practice on portable keyboards do not progress and develop as fast as those students who practice on acoustic or high-quality digital pianos. Because practice is the foundation to the development of any skill, it is important that we equip our children for success by providing them with a quality instrument for learning.
The end depends on the beginning. Playing the piano should be fun and exciting for all students. It’s difficult to become excited about playing a toy piano. Having a quality piano at home for practice will help your child develop to their full potential and enjoy a much richer musical experience.

"I can think of no better way to make a child quit piano lessons than by having him/her practice on an old and out of tune, poor quality upright piano or portable keyboard."
- Josh Harper, piano tuner and pianist

Rent to own program
Rent a quality digital piano for about the same cost as a quickly-outgrown keyboard and get 100% of rental fee credit towards purchase.
Because they’re so reasonably priced, a digital piano is much easier on the wallet than a traditional one. And thanks to Romeo Music, you can choose to rent your digital piano for as little as $50/month. As you and your family begin piano lessons, this helps minimize your initial investment and builds confidence that purchasing the piano will be right for you.

Benefits of going digital
• Effortlessly record practice and performance on the Piano
• Change the sound or instrument of the piano with the press of a button
• Move the Piano between rooms without the need of a moving crew
• Quality sound without the need to regularly tune.
• Upload songs and playalongs on USB enabled pianos
• Save thousands over equivalent acoustic pianos
• Take up less space with slimmer design options
• Explore digital music and MIDI capabilities with your computer or smart device