AirTurn Duo 200 - Bluetooth Pedal


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AirTurn Duo 200 - Bluetooth Pedal

Sleek, silent, professionally designed wireless footswitch. Excellent choice for seated or standing players!

The professional model, complete with silent and tactile switches. Ideal for all environments.

  • Turn pages, scroll lyrics and tabs
  • Trigger backing tracks and effects
  • Cue audio and lighting
  • Capture video, photo, and more!

Best Page Turning Bluetooth Pedal

The AirTurn DUO 200 began as a simple page turner for sheet music readers. Today, it has become the best page turner on the market due to its high-quality and long-lasting design. Featuring tactile, silent switches, the DUO 200 is nearly indestructible. The DUO 200 has a longer battery life, greater range, and faster connectivity than its competitors. Plus, it is completely customizable for keystrokes, shortcuts, switching types, MIDI, and so much more!

Depending on what app or software you choose, you can do more than turning pages. You can scroll lyrics and tabs, start and stop back tracks, start and stop a metronome and much more.

The DUO 200 is the professional choice for taking control of your tablet or computer.

Remote Control for Teleprompters and Presentations

Using a teleprompter has become a popular solution due to easy and affordable access to apps and tablets. However, controlling the scroll of the script remains a challenge. Using the AirTurn DUO 200 with your teleprompter application, you can start and stop the script, even speed it up or slow it down!

Whatever your favorite presentation software, from Powerpoint to Prezi or Keynote to Google Slides, you can keep your hands free and present with confidence. For a handheld option, the transmitter can be removed for a convenient handheld presentation remote.

Accessories for Vlogs and YouTube Setup

Vlogging equipment and YouTube setup tools from AirTurn are ultra-portable, durable, and easy to use! The AirTurn DUO 200 has become an indispensable tool for Vlog production. Use it to start and stop a recording or run a script or both!

The perfect companion accessories to the AirTurn DUO 200 are the AirTurn MANOS to hold your tablet or phone, along with the AirTurn goSTAND and Boom for your microphone or accessories. There are many different configurations to create your ultimate Vlog studio!

Hands Free Wireless Bluetooth Remote Control Pedal

The AirTurn DUO 200 is a hands-free wireless app control solution for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices with Bluetooth 4. It works with software and apps that can receive keystrokes or MIDI commands. Turn pages, scroll lyrics or tabs, start and stop back tracks, cue lighting, effects, MIDI, video, photos, and more!

Wireless Foot Pedal for Keyboard Shortcuts

If you use Word, Excel, PC games, or DAWs, you already know the convenience of shortcut keys. What if you could let your foot execute those steps instead of losing typing speed and focus? Use the AirTurn Manager app to program your favorite shortcuts or hotkeys. It is available for Mac, iOS and Android in the Apple App store or Google Play store. Note that for a PC, you will need to first connect to your phone or tablet to change the settings.

What if you write a phrase which repeats hundreds of times? For example, if you typed the phrase, “Press Enter” in a user manual or repeat a line of code, you could just turn that phrase into a macro. Then, assign the macro to a switch. Now, you can use your foot to place the text every time! Using a personalized AirTurn footswitch with custom macros will change your writing and editing life!

Key Features

  • Tough: The ATFS-2 pedals are nearly indestructible, and are designed to outlast mechanical switches. Anti-skid control on the base keeps the DUO in place.
  • Silent: Tactile yet completely silent switching, perfect for intimate performances and studio sessions. Will outlast any other switch on the market.
  • Rechargeable: Lithium Polymer battery provides 150-200 hours of play time with a single charge. USB Micro Cable provided for charging with any USB charger.
  • Bluetooth: At 150+ feet, AirTurn leads the industry with maximum operating range. Works with most tablets, phones and computers with Bluetooth 4 or higher. Windows computers must have the latest MIDI over Bluetooth features to support MIDI connection.
  • Status Indicators: Bluetooth status LED. Low battery status LED.
  • Power Saving: - Automatically turns off when the host tablet or computer is turned off.


  • Choose from 7 default modes that cover most apps or assign custom keystrokes and shortcuts as well as MIDI commands using the free AirTurn Manager app.
  • Adjust a full range of settings including: Keyboard strokes including modifiers, MIDI Commands and Notes, Auto-Repeat, Idle Time, Low Power or Fast Response Mode, Debounce, and Switch Types. Switches may be defined as Momentary, Latching, Pulse or Command.
  • Two pairing methods: Open pairing lets you store the connections of up to 8 different devices for instant connections. Closed pairing stores the connection for only one device and does not connect erroneously to other devices.
  • Use multiple pedals: Configure up to 8 devices at the same time for max customization.

Product Weight: 9 oz (.25kg)

Product Dimensions: 7x4x1in (178x102x25mm)

AirTurn Manager on Android is currently down for maintenance

MIDI mode not compatible with Bluetooth Dongle devices.