Hamilton Buhl Personal Headset with Gooseneck Mic and TRRS Plug

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The HamiltonBuhl MS2G-AMV headset with gooseneck microphone and TRRS plug is the perfect companion to any of your Apple devices, tablets, Chromebooks or almost any mobile device. 

Designed for use with Mac or PC, MS2G-AMV features an adjustable gooseneck microphone, foam ear cushions, and easy-to-wear adjustable headband. 

Built tough, in a lightweight design, each headset comes in its own heavy-duty, write-on, moisture resistant, reclosable anti-lice storage bag. When sealed in the bag, lice are killed in 24–48 hours, without the use of chemicals

All of these features allow for fatigue-free use, in and out of the classroom and make the MS2G-AMV an ideal headset for testing!


  • Headphone:
    • 27mm neodymium
    • Frequency response: 50-16,000 Hz
    • Impedance: 32 Ohms
    • Sensitivity: 105dB+/-4dB
    • Input: 100MV
    • Plug: 3.5mm TRRS plug
    • Cord: 6' braided nylon
    • Adjustable headband
    • Ear Cushions: Replaceable foam ear cushions
    • Compatible with: iPods, iTouches, MP3 players, iPhones, cell phones, iPads, tablets, eReaders PCs and Macs CD players, stereos TVs Most gaming systems 
  • Microphone
    • 6*2.5 Type
    • Sensitivity: -36DB+/-3DB
    • Frequency Response: 50-16,000 Hz
    • Impedance: 2,200 Ohms
    • Operating Voltage Nominal 3V
    • Mono