Westcott WES-401NL-C - uLite LED 2-Light Green Screen Photo Kit

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Westcott WES-401NL-C - uLite LED 2-Light Green Screen Photo Kit

Quick and Easy Setup

Unlike traditional softboxes, uLite modifiers literally set up in seconds. With just a simple push on the uLite softbox's center bracket, this dedicated modifier assembles and locks into place providing control over your uLite. You can purchase the uLite and uLite softboxes separately or in kits.

Certified for Safety

All uLites are CE and C-UL-US certified for safety. These light sources are tested on heat emittance, durability, and construction, ensuring their ability to be used around infants, children, pets, and products.

uLite Softboxes

These compact square and octagonal softboxes are designed specifically for the uLite. Both are rated for up to 500-watts and collapse in seconds making them very easy for travel.

High-Quality LED Bulb for Photography

Designed with 72 daylight-balanced dimmable light-emitting diodes, each 45W LED bulb is energy-efficient and rated for over 20,000 hours of use. It emits an impressive 1370 lux at 1 meter and renders skin tones wonderfully, with a CRI rating of up to 93.

Quickly Switch from Daylight to Tungsten Lighting

Each LED bulb includes a removable tungsten hard gel cap that instantly converts its daylight-balanced output to a warmer tungsten balance. This durable accessory snaps directly onto the bulb for immediate use.


  • Two 45W Daylight LED Bulbs
  • Two Tungsten Gel Caps for 45W LED Bulbs
  • Two uLite Edison Base Light Fixtures
  • Two 20 x 20" Collapsible Softbox


  • SKU: 401Nl-C
  • UPC: 812735029863
  • Color: Green
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Dimmable Range: 0-100%
  • Lamp Life: 20,000+ Hours
  • Light Type: Led
  • Mount Type: 5/8" Receiver
  • Socket/Base: Edison
  • Socket Count: 1
  • Color Render Index (Cri): 93
  • Color Temperature (K): 5600
  • Foot-Candles (1m): 127.3 (Each Light)
  • Foot-Candles (3m): 15.8 (Each Light)
  • Foot-Candles (5m): 5.8 (Each Light)
  • Flicker-Free: Yes (>10% Power)
  • Lumens: 4000
  • Lux (1m): 1370 (Each Light)
  • Lux (3m): 170 (Each Light)
  • Lux (5m): 62.5 (Each Light)
  • Tlci (Qa): 95
  • Power Adaptor: 120v Ac
  • Current Draw (Amps): 0.5a
  • Watts: 250w
  • Volts: 110/120v
  • Power Type: Ac
  • Cooling: Low Decibel Fan
  • Maximum Watts (Continuous): 250w
  • Operating Temp.: 32°-140° F
  • Power Cord: 12' Switched
  • Certification: C-Ul-Us, Ce
  • Battery Voltage: 1.5v Cells
  • Battery Type: AAA
  • Removable Battery: Yes
  • Fabric Type: 1-Stop Diffusion

Item Includes

  • 2x uLite Constant Light (500-watt)
  • 2x uLite Collapsible Softbox (20" x 20")
  • 2x Daylight Dimmable LED Bulb with Tungsten Cap
  • 1x Dimmer Remote for 45W LED Bulb
  • 2x Lightweight Light Stand (6.5 Foot)
  • 1x Wrinkle-Resistant Backdrop - Chroma-Key Green Screen - 9 x 10 ft
  • 25x CloudKO Lite Green Screen Extractions