Yamaha HD300 - Harmony Director

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Yamaha HD300 - Harmony Director

The HD-300 is a powerful tool for music educators to more effectively teach intonation and rhythmic training to a musical ensemble.

The New Harmony Director HD-300 combines the HD-200's powerful ear training with dynamic new educational features and a simplified user interface. The addition of a mobile app that can act as a stand-alone tuner as well as a hardware controller makes the new HD-300 a complete package that can not only make a teacher's job easier but also help their students play “IN TUNE, IN TONE, IN TIME and at the CORRECT VOLUME.” 

The HD-300 has the ability to help ensembles improve by recording the performance and playing it back for immediate feedback.

The interface for the HD-300 has been greatly simplified from previous versions, making rehearsals easier and more efficient.

The HD-300 comes preloaded with 167 musical examples from the Japan Band Clinic Band Method Book (sold separately) so that students can hear chord progressions, rhythmic exercises and more.

The iOS App HD-300 Assistant allows educators to use the HD-300 from anywhere in the classroom and expands its functionality. The HD-300 Assistant also features a stand-alone tuner.